Short Circuit

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24HEES BLOG – Short Circuit
Jan 2016

power point wiring plate

Hello everybody, welcome to another article on a day or night of a 24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Sydney.
We love to tell stories on work we have completed and what better way is there to tell a story to the world than posting an article on the internet.
We attended an emergency job last weekend in Alexandria and left the job scratching our head’s to how the problem happened.
The job completed was a fault find on the power circuit in a house. Every time the owner tried to turn on the circuit breaker, it would trip instantly. This gave us clear direction as we now know that a evident fault exists and once we find it, we can fix it instantly.
We started going through our procedure of fault finding and after a few attempts on one area, we decided to stop and take a look at another area. This worked out well as we found something that we have never seen before.
Can you guess?

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