Microwave Fault

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24HEES BLOG – Microwave Fault

Welcome to our instalment of our new blog for 24 Hour Emergency Electrician Sydney.
We have many stories to tell, relating to emergency electrical work as this is the main line of work we are currently doing.
A typical job we just completed was carried out during the middle of the week and late at night.
We received a call and had a customer explain that the power point taking care of the microwave had a burn mark on it and caused all the power to shut off.
When we arrived, we could clearly see the black mark on the power point as explained, we then proceeded to remove this outlet and found that the wiring behind the power point was also burnt and this also had to be fixed in order to put everything back together.

The situation had occurred from an internal fault in the microwave, a metallic object placed in the microwave created a high load transient condition that caused a momentary high power draw. This would have just caused a trip switch to blow however there was also a fault in the original wiring of the power point in the home. The high power condition overheated the surrounds causing a flash fire that melted the plastic housing.

This was an unfortunate issue to happen, but after a good diagnoses of the job and a professional approach to fixing it, we managed to bring it up to current standards and restore power to the house.
Remember to always be careful with power issues, especially when you can visually see burn marks and call a licensed professional to attend.

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